嘉必优领衔起草了《食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 花生四烯酸油脂(发酵法)》和《食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二十二碳六烯酸油脂(发酵法)》。

嘉必优ARA油脂通过欧盟Novel food和美国FDA GRAs审核,同时获得了KOSHER(OU洁食认证)、HALAL(MUI 清真食品认证)等认证 ,能满足不同习惯消费者对产品的要求。


Food safety & Quality assurance

Food safety is CABIO’s ethical cornerstone. CABIO persists in the strictest international food safety standards to safeguard the fundamental interest of customers and consumers.

CABIO is constantly following the latest requirements and frontier technologies in quality control and food safety. With ISO9001:2015, ISO220002018 and GMP as the basis, CABIO has introduced rich experience from a lot of famous international infant formula manufacturers, established strict quality and food safety management systems, and taken the lead in passing the certification of FSSC22000 management system that is the most stringent in the world among domestic counterparts. It drew upon rich experience from world famous infant milk manufacturers and established its strict quality and food safety management system. It passed FSSC22000 management system certification-the world’s highest food safety standard-as the first company of its kind in China.

 CABIO led the compiling of National Food Safety Standard for Uses of Food Additives-ARA (fermentation) and National Food Safety Standard for Uses of Food Additives-DHA (fermentation).

CABIO ARA oils are the first Chinese products certified by EU as Novel Food and GRAS by American FDA. CABIO ARA has got KOSHEROU certification and HALALMUI Muslim food certificationas well, which make it meets requirements of consumers of different habits.

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